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TRI Property Pros - Real Estate Services

Already Have A Buying Agent?

We specialize in working hand in hand with local agents to achieve the best investment needs for everyone involved. To ensure this, we have a non-compete policy with all of our agents.

Need An Agent?  TRI Property Pros also offers real estate services!  We value relationships and will work together as your real estate partner. Our team will set you up with an MLS and Listingbook account and make the process as seamless as possible. 

We work harder to go that extra mile to ensure that your experience with TRI Property Pros is successful, honest and fair for everyone involved.  Not only do we take the time to educate our clients, we also provide ROI for our property and services. 

  • We provide information on homes that will be rental properties in certain areas around the Triad

  • We perform market-based research on a property's current state and what it will rent for once renovated. 

  • We provide DOM comps and give you insights on how long that property will be on the market. 

  • We perform Market Assessments to understand growth opportunities and educate clients. 

  • We specialize in educating new investors to help them successfully navigate the process. 




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