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TRI Marketing
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TRI Investing
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TRI Design & Contractor
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TRI Maintenance
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When you work with TRI Property Pros, you know you are going to receive:

  • Turnkey Property Management Services

  • Effective Communication with Investors & Agents

  • Interior Design Services all done in-house

  • Contractor & Maintenance Services for all of your rehab and renovation projects

  • Unmatched Customer Service

When you work with TRI Property Pros, know that you are engaging with seasoned managers.

Our experienced managers understand the challenges that accompany rental homes, which makes the services we provide invaluable to landlords.  These services include: 


  • Proven Marketing Strategies: Our advertising and marketing strategies are the best in the business.  We understand this market inside and out and know how to get your properties shown to the right target audience.  

  • Professional Showings: We make sure the homeowner is represented. No self guided tours here! We want to offer a personal touch to our showings and we include a professional booking system that eliminates scheduling headaches.

  • Extensive Security Measures:  We provide extensive background checks performed on all of the tenants. This ensures a smooth and successful transition.

  • Interior Design Services: We offer professional interior design services to help maximize your return on investment. We understand design trends and what your future renters are looking for which helps to get your property rented quickly and at the highest value.  Let us help guide you from the floor up! 

  • Maintenance:  With us, you won't have to find a reputable company who can take care of those maintenance issues that pop up.  We offer Maintenance and Contractor services as part of our offerings to you.  Once you work with us, you won't have to worry about all the extras.  

  • Preventative Resources:  Rental properties, like all homes, require annual service updates from AC and Heating checks to pest treatments.  We can handle all of these needs and provide a completed checklist after each service update. 

  • Reporting & Online Access:  We understand the importance of having everything at your fingertips. That's why we offer online access to owner portals where you can login and get all of the detailed information you need for each of your properties.  Your access is real-time where you can view maintenance items, see when and how your tenant pays, find monthly itemized statements, contracts, year-end tax reporting and more.  We also provide you with a video of your home through annual inspection reports. 



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