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Maintenance & Repair Services

Protecting your Investment: We know how important it is to catch repairs early. That's why TRI Property Pros offers an online service that will handle all of your maintenance and service needs. Tenants complete a maintenance request and this goes directly to the property manager via email and text.

Maintenance Is Easy with TRI Property Pros!  Since we have been in the housing market for so long, we have some of the best maintenance specialists and trusted vendors in the Triad. You don’t need to worry about paying our contractors; we handle all that for you as well as meeting them at the home if needed and following back up with the tenants to make sure the repair was done right. A 10% up-charge fee will be added to repair bills.

Professional Design Experience: TRI Property Pros offers professional design experience that makes sense for landlords. Our goal  is to offer services, that over time, will gain owners the maximum return on their investment. What better way to do so, then to have a designer and contractor at your service. Knowledge about the materials inside of your home is a key factor to longevity and function.  There's no need to worry about synthetics, aesthetics or anything in between.  Let a professional guide you from the floor up.

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