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Our Promise to Our Community

TRI Property Pros wants our community to have confidence in our management company being effective, experienced, and efficient. The only way to achieve this is by partnering with efficient and effective landlords. Managing properties effectively, demands a specific skill and acute attention to detail. It’s imperative to partner with the right management company. Experienced managers understand the challenges that accompany rental homes, which makes the services they provide invaluable to their landlords.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you and your potential management company have the same understanding and goals for your investment.

  • Know their advertising strategies.

  • Do they personally show your home?

  • Are background checks performed on all of the tenants?

  • How do they handle maintenance issues?


An experienced property manager takes time to ensure you understand how they operate. Every manager handles conflicts and dilemmas differently, which is why you need to discuss management policies. Ask probing questions that explore challenging subjects, including eviction, after-hour emergencies, and liability insurance coverage. An adept manager should be able to provide you with immediate responses that clearly outline how the management group addresses these problems. Ultimately, your manager needs to have the know-how to deal with issues as they arise.

Fees and Charges

Your property manager should be efficient, productive, and up-front with you. Property management services offer a unique assortment of benefits for landlords, but these advantages come with a cost. Never sign a contract with a manager who attempts to hide fees or isn’t up-front about the overall cost of monthly management services.


Not only will hidden expenses derail your budget and cut into your profits, but hiding costs from landlords reflects poorly on the manager’s character. Our fees are simple and direct. Give us a call today!

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