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TRI Property Pros - FAQs

Got Questions? We've Got All The Answers! 

What type of properties do you manage?

We manage medium to higher end homes that rent between 850.00 and up and Condos and Town-homes that rent 700 or higher.  Duplex, four-plex, office suites, and apartments –  Please contact our Property Manager for those quotes. They change depending on the size, quantity and location.

We want to work with people who take pride in their investments, because we take pride in what we manage. We want our homes to be safe and properly maintained. This will attract quality tenants who take pride in their home.

If you own an investment property or business office that you would like for our company to improve for you, please visit our Contractor Services tab.

Who shows my home? Will an agent be present?

As a business professional, I don’t agree with people being able to check keys in and out to view homes. I feel that the company you hire should be there to represent you, the homeowner. Not only is this an unsafe liability, it’s not the way we want to start off a new relationship with the tenants. I believe meeting people face to face is the start of any relationship. I can’t represent you if I am not present.

  • All showings must be booked, and a professional agent will meet the tenant at the home at the time of the showing. This will be a TRI representative or local REALTOR. This ensures the safety of all parties, and a better showing outcome for the homeowner. We use “showing time,” a booking center where they book appointments to ensure every appointment is met with feedback.

  • A lock box will be placed on the door of the home to allow other agents to show their clients.

  • All appointments are book thorough showing time, our professional booking center.

How does the screening process work?

At TRI we want to start this relationship off right. Things happen in any tenancy but the best way to prevent a bad tenancy is through early prevention. We have a very thorough application process that we have the tenants submit. Once submitted we look at several things on the application including:

  • Criminal background reports, credit checks, and current employment.

  • Present and past rental references.

  • County records

It's rented...Now what?

  1. A thorough walk through inspection is performed by the property manager with pictures and videos days before the tenant moves in.

  2. We have the home professionally cleaned and any work that needs to be completed by our contractors is done.

  3. We provide the tenants with a 4-page walk through inspection form that needs to be completed and sent back to our office within 4 days of their physical move in date.

  4. We will assist the tenants with all utility transfers.

  5. We guide them to the tenant portal where they will have access to fill out a maintenance request, make payments, and obtain copies of their leases.

  6. We handle all things that will come up throughout their tenancy.

What are your fees?

Contact us and a property manager will be with you soon! We will provide a free market analysis for you as well as talk with you about your home and what you are looking for in a partnership for your investment.

How does TRI get paid? Do you hold reserves?

You will only pay us when a tenant is in your home. We do not hold reserves. We take our fees out of the check every month, so that you don’t need to worry about sending us a separate check or any other means of payment. Direct Deposit is also available.

How are maintenance issues handled?

We handle repairs on your behalf. 10% is added to the bill for meeting contractors at the home, scheduling appointments with the tenants, and ensuring the job was performed successfully. We will also upload a copy of the invoice marked paid on your owner portal.

If the tenant does not pay or they break the lease conditions, we will handle the eviction process for you. If the tenant needs to move out prior to the end of his or her lease, we will work with that tenant to fill the vacancy. That tenant will be responsible for the cost to re-rent the home.

If proper payment is not received from tenants after move out, we send outstanding balances to a collection agency and that balance will stay on their credit until it is paid.

We take care of everything for you from here on out. In order for us to fully and efficiently manage your home, any and all communications will be through your Property manager. This is how we protect you as our client, and keep the professional relationship a strong one between the tenant, home owner, and property manager.

This is just a glimpse of possible questions that you may have. We understand that there may be several more. There is also more we want to share with you about TRI Property Pros. Please contact us today to gain as much knowledge as possible before you choose your next property management company or begin your new journey of investing into real estate.

What is the move out process?

Once a tenant gives notice using our Notice To Vacate form, you will be automatically notified by your property manager. We suggest marketing the property 30 days before the tenant moves out. We will handle scheduling appointments around both future tenants and the present tenant.

Once the tenant has vacated the property, I review the Move-In Checklist to make sure the property is in the same condition as when the tenant moved in.

If the property needs repair because of the tenant, we get the tenant to pay for any items which are their responsibility. If Tenant doesn’t do this prior to vacating the home, it is taken out of the security deposit before we return it to them.

How involved are the homeowners with decisions regarding their home?

TRI Property Pros will involve you in the big decisions, but, as far as the day-to-day issues, we are more than capable of handling that on your behalf. After all, that is the reason you hired a management company. We have an online maintenance system. Anytime a maintenance issue comes up that involves a simple repair ($300 or below), we will handle that for you. If our technicians feel that the item is too old for a repair, we will suggest to you at that time to replace the item.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee for my rental property?

Yes, we offer a 6-month tenant guarantee. That means that if for any reason your tenants need to be evicted within the first 6 months of their lease, we will evict them and find you a new tenant at no extra cost. 

Do you provide any move in inspections?

Yes, we provide an extensive inspection to ensure that the home is in move-in condition.  We will also take care of all the paperwork needed and make note of the condition of your rental before move in.  

Do you run any security or background checks?

Yes, we are very knowledgeable on North Carolina's Landlord Tenant Act as well as understand the State & Federal Housing Codes & Regulations. 


Do you provide any kind of reporting or online access? 

Yes, we provide real-time online access as well as monthly detailed statements and year-end tax documents. 

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