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TRI Property Pros - Contractor Services

TRI Property Pros - Contractor Services

So you’ve bought the house… now what?  Do you need someone who can oversee your next construction or rehab project? That’s just one of the areas that we specialize in at TRI Property Pros.

Turn-key Residential Investing – It doesn’t matter how big or how small the project is or if you’re just needing to bring your property/properties into compliance with local and state codes. We will be there with you, or in your place, to get the job done and the home ready to rent. 

Most investors will purchase a home needing a bit of work to maximize a bigger return on their investment. You may have heard of the term “sweat equity.” Renovating or even rehabbing a home is very important in the investing process.

The main thing the investor will need to do is make sure it’s done the right way, the first time. This prevents future slow downs, lost revenue, and even worse, an angry or upset tenant.

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Often the project becomes too much. Having big intentions and tight timelines often add to much stress and it’s better to sometimes just hire it out. By the time you calculate loss of time from the work place, family, friends, and dealing with no-show contractors, many investors feel defeated before they even begin. So, If you’re worried about picking out that perfect color, kitchen layout, or trying to research how to pull permits, etc. – relax.

We can handle all of this for you! We have an outstanding team for maintenance and rehab. Property Pro Services LLC, our licensed General Contractor and partner, can help with any and all repairs.

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